GFWC X-JWC of Cheyenne

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) X-JWC of Cheyenne was organized in 1940.  This charitable organization is dedicated to improving our community through hands-on involvement, as well as financial aid.  In 2015-16, GFWC X-JWC worked with diverse agencies in Cheyenne:  Chamber of Commerce’s Military Affairs, Needs, Inc., and the Boys and Girls Clubs, to name a few.  We helped college students meet their goals and reached out to the World Community by supporting NGOs like Operation Smile.  We are always searching for women who are interested in making a difference and enjoying some fellowship along the way.

2019 Quilt Raffle

On April 1, the drawing for this beautiful quilt was held. Bev Campbell asked a neighbor to do the drawing, which was videoed. The winner of the quilt is Jill Burley from Colorado. She is one of the quilters who traveled with Bev on a quilting bus trip last Sept.  CONGRATULATIONS!


This is all the food gathered at the General Federation of Women's Club State Meeting in Saratoga, WY.   The food was given to the pantry of a local church in Saratoga. 

We celebrate our members!!

This is Beth Schieck's 100th Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Beth!

Thelma and Karen sing karaoke at our successful Sock Hop.

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser held earlier this year.  All proceeds went to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and the Unaccompanied Students Initiative. 

Thank you to all the supported this fundraiser. 

One of our members was in a nursing home for Rehabilitation purposes.   While at the facility she noticed that many elderly people were picking at their clothes, in the air, their bed or anything close by.   She and the Activity Director had an idea that might benefit those individuals living at the nursing home.   Their thought was to make fleece lap blankets with buttons scattered and sewed on the blanket so the residents could have something bright, warm and provide something for their hands to do. (only allowed when supervised).

When they delivered the blankets, they placed them on the laps of the residents.  One gentleman with Alzheimer’s began messing with the buttons right away instead of his clothes.   He wanted to take his to the restroom with him, was told no, and as soon as he returned he wanted the blanket back!  They left that day knowing that a small project can be just as rewarding as a big project. 

XJWC helped the Unaccompanied Students Initiative by donating quilts to raffle at the 2018 Greek Festival

 2019 by GFWC X-Junior Women's Club of Cheyenne

Correspondence and donations can be sent to:

PO Box 2053
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