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Community Service Committees

The Arts and Cultural Community Service Program

The Program Chairman encourages members to promote and support art and cultural programs in their club and communities. The goal is to create projects that include crafts, dance, drama, food, music, and other

manifestations of art and culture that develop skills, awareness, and appreciation. 


Environment Community Service Program

The Program chairman encourages us to become stewards of the earth by working to preserve the world’s resources, protect wildlife and domesticated animals, live sustainably, and beautify our communities and

enjoy nature. 


Education and Libraries Community Service Program

The Program Chairman along with club members will design projects to foster schools, as well as other educational institutions and opportunities. These projects promote libraries, literacy, and the love of a good book. Through these efforts, we encourage the growth of individuals and communities at home and around the world.


Health and Wellness Community Service Program

The Program Chairman will explore various improve individuals’ well being, by raising awareness and addressing three key components: nutrition, disease prevention, and physical and emotional

care. The human body, mind, and spirit comprise our health and wellness.


Civic engagement and Outreach Community Service Program

The Program Chairman will highlight issues such as help for the needy, hungry, and homeless, our military personnel and veterans and encourage citizenship by addressing crime prevention, safety, and disaster preparedness.

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